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GEMA, nuclear logistic

GEMA nuclear logistic app is a complete tool provided to the PGAC which aim is to supply all the technicians with the information they need for their activity.

Real planning tool, GEMA relies on Epsilon² exchanges to make it possible to manage, distribute and monitor the planning of the logistic activity.

Field technicians receive their customised planning on their mobile device and will be able to enter their intervention reports directly thanks to the RFID reading: goods movements, control, DI82 procedure… captioned shootings.


All the information is then available to all the users: intervention reports, location data or activity indicators.

Online platform

  • Planning supplied by Epsilon²
  • Assignment of machines and technicians
  • Configuration of product ranges
  • Real time intervention monitoring
  • Cartography of areas
  • Reports consultation
  • Summary and activity indicators

Mobile device

  • IP67 industrial device
  • Online and offline running
  • Mobile synchronisation
  • Planning per technician
  • Reports entry and possibility to caption pictures
  • DI82 procedures entry
  • Containers RFID identification
  • History available on the field


Never waste time again reentering information into another tool! GEMA interfaces with the requests management tool Epsilon² to get all the information entered by the person who asked for it and enable the planner to create his planning.


This way, the planning and then realisation information, based on the report entered by the technician on his mobile device, are then available to Epsilon² with no additional entry.

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