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Our approach


You chose the RFID for your traceability system?
As experts in this technology, we start building your project by visiting your website to draw the bill of specifications, so we can choose the RFID equipment the most appropriate for your solution.

The integration steps of your RFID project
Study of your project

We draw up a plan by steps that ensures a successful integration of the RFID technology into your business.

Development of the software and RFID equipment

Our software programmers design the solution according to your requirements and business specific features.

Integration and assistance

We integrate the RFID project into the business process in the most optimum way, with the minimum effect to the daily operation.

Metal tags or flexible RFID labels?
Every project is unique and presents particularities that determine the RFID tags to use.

The size and nature of the equipment, the fastening and the operating procedure, for instance, can change from one project to another.

The exploitation of the RFID technology in the industry generates a considerable improvement in the identification and traceability of a high number of data. To do so, we need to install antennas accurately.

It is necessary to determine a RFID reading field depending on the environment. The objective is to provide you with a RFID system that ensures the best identification rate of equipments and employees.


With RFID identification, actives (people or objects) can be characterised by data stored directly on tags or centralised into a database available from our interfaces.

One of the most special capacity of the RFID technology is to adapt to the industrial environments.


The RFID technology enables to improve the data collection, thanks to the RFID tags that make every object identifiable and locatable.

A2SI offers RFID solutions designed for your environment, with the aim of making a monitoring, complete, securised and with no loss of your logistical data.

Find out our catalogue of RFID equipment: RFID chips, antennas, players…
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