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Our RFID experts support you in the integration and deployment of RFID solutions for your traceability projects

A2SI RFID is specialised in the integration and implementation of RFID equipment and computer solutions.

Our work. A2SI RFID integrated traceability solutions based on RFID in several sectors.

You need RFID equipment to develop your own solutions? Order tags, antennas, RFID players and so on online.

make your business processes more efficient
Integrator of traceability solutions with RFID for 4.0 industry

Player in the 4.0 industry, A2SI makes your activity more efficient by conceiving and integrating numerical solutions at the service of industrial performance. Specialist in mobile computing and RFID technology, our team helps you with all your industrial traceability projects.

You are looking for a solution to monitor and save your interventions?
You need an application to read and write on your RFID chips? Or you just want to automate your tooling stores?

We ensure the design and implementation of traceability solutions thanks to our RFID products (such as the RFID portal detector, the tunnel or the automatic distributor).

Our team of web and Android programmers create for you multi-platform solutions for the management of your activity. From the post-project study to the training of the users, we manage your project according to the Scrum Agile method.

The integration steps of your RFID project
Study of your project

We draw up a plan by steps that ensures a successful integration of the RFID technology into your business.

Development of the software and RFID equipment

Our software programmers design the solution according to your requirements and business specific features.

Integration and assistance

We integrate the RFID project into the business process in the most optimum way, with the minimum effect to the daily operation.

RFID equipment selection

RFID: Traceability, Stocktaking
Complete successfully your RFID project
You need a feasability study?
traçabilité en milieu industriel
traçabilité en milieu industriel

Gestion de stocks dans les magasins industriels

Collecte de données metier
Collecte de données metier

Statistiques d’activité en temps réel

Traçabilité pour maintenance aéronautique
Traçabilité pour maintenance aéronautique

Lutter contre le risque Foreign Object Debris !

Suivi des expéditions par RFID
Suivi des expéditions par RFID

Contrôle automatisé et suivi temps-réel

Suivi de stock de pellets
Suivi de stock de pellets

Gestion de stocks et inventaires de palettes de pellets

Suivi des outillages sur chantier
Suivi des outillages sur chantier

Tracer les emprunts et restitutions d’outillages