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The RFID in the industry

The RFID, key technology
for the Factory of the Future

Is RFID appropriate for my activity
The RFID imposes itself as a real performance improvement tool in a lot of business areas.

To measure the interest of this technology and validate its benefits to your organisation, we can prepare a detailed presentation of RFID and its practical applications in your offices.

A support for the realisation of your RFID project under the best possible conditions is also possible.

production monitoring

The implementation of a RFID system to manage your production have numerous advantages: monitoring and management of the production in real time, costs saving, management of production flows.

Products traceability

Save time in the research and the traceability of objects, equipment, employees. Realisation of quicker and easier inventories. Maintenance of equipment and reinforced production line.

Access control

Strengthen the security of accesses to the production areas, equipment, production tools, but also to employees authorised on site thanks to RFID identification cards.

Stock monitoring

The management of stocks and the inventories realised with a RFID system have numerous advantages in industrial environments (reliable, timesaver…)


The RFID distributor enables to secure your equipment and make them available 24 hours a day thanks to the identification of employees


The RFID conveyor makes it possible to count automatically your products before the sending or delivery.