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Business data collection

A collection of business data

from 40 loaders.

ROKA application was developed for a company specialised in bulk materials transportation on steelmaking sites through the implementation of a business ERP, and tablets onboarded with a driver app.

This application enables to enter activity reports and to collect equipment drivers data on tablets and computers.

You can then send instant messages to one or several tablets to communicate with people on site, see the machines on the map, and give an access for reading of some data to the client. Activities are categorised in three main types: tonnage, transport or screening.

Data are confirmed a posteriori by a controller in order to draw business assessments.

ROKA is an industrial solution that enables to get activity statistics about your vehicles in real time!

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How does ROKA work?

  • You choose your machines and the activities to be performed during the day with the possibility to change any information at any moment.
  • Make your activity reports about the equipment drivers in a few clicks wherever you are. Administrative time save, no more record of hours required!
  • In the case of an incident, the geolocation enables to find your vehicle in record time.
  • Guides the drivers in the actions to perform, with the possibility to add activity elements manually.

Every technician has to identify himself before starting a working day: he must swipe his personal RFID card in the dedicated spot.

The technician must check the hour-counter to start a working day.

Before to start working, the driver must check his machine.

At the beginning of every working day, the dashboard must be blank.

A new activity must be created, according to the instructions of the planning.


Detailed activity reports and control of your activity

Security of the equipment and employees

Field data retrieval in real time

Simplified invoicing

Work time counting, and optimisation of costs