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Shipment RFID monitoring

RFID solution for logistic
Production and shipment monitoring
The famous chocolate maker Patrick Roger called upon us to help him in his upgrade project. Our mission: the improvement of the processes of preparation, conditioning and management of chocolate boxes deliveries to the shops.
For this project, we decided to identify every single chocolate box with RFID chips.

Implemented solutions

A2SI designed and produced an automated detection conveyor based on the UHF RFID technology, this way, every box is equipped with a tag.

Boxes go through the conveyor and they are counted during the production and shipment stages. The software interface of this conveyor enables to characterise the product manufactured and to identify the point of sale that will be delivered. All these information are sent to the client’s production software.

What does our solution involves exactly?

This screen enables the loading of data from the server.
We retrieve the list of boxes, products and stores.
The LED of the conveyor will turn green and then orange to end up red throughout the loading of data.

The user will have to choose the mode desired for the use of the conveyor. We offer two modes:
-The production mode
-The delivery mode
The LED of the conveyor will turn green at that step of the process.

Engine start-up thanks to the automatic detection of the tray.

The first button “PAUSE” enables to pause the conveyor and, in doing so, stop the engine and the RFID player.

When you click on the “STOP” button, we consider that the production process is over. The user will go back to the mode selection page.