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Traceability for aeronautic maintenance

Aeronautic project

The FOD risk (Foreign Object Debris or Foreign Object Damage) is the risk of damaging a system causing a bad operation of aircrafts because of isolated debris (metal shavings, plastic…) or lost parts (screw, connector, tools…) during a mounting or maintenance operation.


The aim of our work is to provide a whole system based on RFID technology that enables the manager to have an overview on tools flows as well in stocking as in operations, especially for technicians who work on runways. This system can trigger automatic warnings as soon as a tool is reported as potentially lost.

We have a solution

  • This solution enables to have a traceability of flows of tools that are borrowed or returned.
  • It enables the manager to see the status of tools in order to know their location and condition.
  • It also enables to keep a history of inputs and outputs made by every operator and to trigger email or SMS warnings if necessary.


To do so, A2SI suggests the use of a non-motorised tunnel equipped with UHF RFID antennas (for the detection of tools).

It is associated with an Android touch screen equipped with a HF RFID player
(for the authentication of the technician).

As well as Android smartphones equipped with HF and UHF players for mobile technicians.


A boxed tool detection tunnel with an Android touch interface
A smartphone app for the detection of boxed tools for interventions on the runways

A management and administration web app