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traceability in industrial environment

Customer need:

The maintenance departments of our clients that work in the food-processing and pharmacology industries often have to face stock issues in their spare parts stores:

Stock levels are too often incorrect and do not correspond to the levels expected and required for the proper realisation of preventive interventions during which their means of production are switched off.

How to keep a stock of spare parts up to date without penalising fields officers and without a warehouse clerck especially at night?

So they need a traceability solution for spare parts that is as automatic and precise as possible.

This solution must fit to the different business processes of these clients. So it must take on different forms on the field, on the outskirts of the stores and it must help the warehouse clerk for stocktakes.

Implemented solutions:

Based on the UHF RFID technology and the IFM technical means, the A2SI RFID autonomous store solution makes it possible to monitor the consumption of spare parts in our clients stores and this without the warehouse clerk.

This global solution enables to control the accesses to the stores, to identify the technicians and to give a precise counting of the parts detected.

The detection is designed for the field:

  • it can take the shape of a smartphone that also makes it possible to do a quick and precise stocktake of parts
  • it can take the shape of a picking worktable or machine that assists the technicians in the declarative and the counting of the parts used
  • it can take the shape of a detection portal that makes the counting of big parts on pallets easier

All these data collected on the field are reported in a web application hosted in SaaS mode. Then, a warehouse clerk can get from this application all the information related to the consumption of parts and have a quick overview of the situation of his stocks.

This way, he can decide when he must order supply parts or do a stocktake.